Pacifica Devocean Lipstick in XOX

Pacifica hypes their Devocean lipstick is a “hydrating natural lipstick that lasts with intensity”.  This lives up to the hype on hydrating; it definitely won’t dry your lips out.  As for lasting with intensity…well, not so much.  It wears off quickly, but it’s not that noticeable with XOX, since it’s a neutral shade. It looks… Continue reading Pacifica Devocean Lipstick in XOX

Emani Hydrating Lip Color in Temptress

Prepare yourselves…I think my next big blogging spree is going to involve Emani. I was introduced to them via the lipstick in this month’s beauty box (Vegan Cuts, if you’re wondering) and I was very impressed. Emani hypes their lipstick “[provides] color that looks even and won’t fade” and, of course, “moisturizes and infuses [lips]”.… Continue reading Emani Hydrating Lip Color in Temptress