Balanced Guru Guilt-Free Mist

I love aromatherapy products, but I don’t buy them often because I’ll either absolutely love them or they just don’t do anything for me at all.  So I was excited to try this, even though I haven’t been feeling particularly guilty about anything lately.  Balanced Guru hypes this “helps you tune in with your emotions”,… Continue reading Balanced Guru Guilt-Free Mist

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets Zero

Dishwashers are among my favorite kitchen appliances, along with the microwave and the fridge. If I can throw something in there, press a few buttons and it does the rest, I’m all over it. It’s a little hard to get hyped up about dishwasher tablets, though.  Even for Ecover, whose big hype on this is:… Continue reading Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets Zero

Vegan household cleaner

Long before I made the switch to vegan household products, I was cleaning with vinegar. I live with animals who think our place is one giant chew toy fest (the walls, the furniture, the tchotkes…nothing is safe). Vinegar seemed the safest bet for a household cleanser around these guys. In fact, I clean their living… Continue reading Vegan household cleaner