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As I mentioned, things have been pretty rough in real life lately.  I have a tendency to therapy shop when that happens, and as a raging makeup-holic, I’ve been trying to cheer myself up with makeup and brushes.  These are my favorite products from some of my recent hauls, and also a few things that I’ve had for a while and finally got around to trying.

IMG_0460_1 - Copy

This came in one of the many makeup sets e.l.f. sells in December, but I think this is their C brush.  I have a flat eye shadow brush already; I bought the set for the eye shadows.  But the brush has turned out to be my favorite part of the set.  It’s a little stiffer than most flat eye shadow brushes, which turns out to be great for getting a lot of color without a lot of shadow on your lids.  It also makes a nice crease, since the top is a little thinner and stiffer than most flat brushes.  As you can see, it wears and washes well.  I’ve been using this heavily in place of my usual flat shadow brush for the past few months, and it still looks great!

IMG_0455_1 - Copy

The impulse buy counter at Sephora strikes again!  I couldn’t resist the Kat Von D Black Magic Lip + Liner Duo.  I told myself it was for you guys (and me).  Truthfully, I really just wanted to try her makeup and see what all the fuss was about.  Well, the fuss is well deserved.  The tattoo liner is freaking awesome and has quite possibly the best felt tip in a liquid eyeliner ever.  The lipstick is pretty great too.  It’s lighter than it appears on the box, but it’s a great nude shade.  The color wears well and the lipstick isn’t drying.  Please, if you haven’t tried her tattoo liner, do yourself a favor and give it a shot.

IMG_0461_1 - Copy

Last year, I ordered a sampler kit from The All Natural Face and they sent what I think were samples of all of their blushes.  Most of them are quite nice, but nothing that really grabbed my attention.  Enter Cotton Candy.  This is a gorgeous purple-pink with a hint of shimmer.  I think it would probably work best on cool tones, but maybe if you are a darker warm tone, it would look quite striking.  I should point out that this isn’t the sampler.  I love it so much I had to have the regular size.  It’s now my go-to blush!

IMG_0453_1 - Copy

I spend a lot of time testing concealer, because even though the acne and my skin appear to have called a truce, there’s a lot of scarring.  I’ve tried some of the e.l.f. concealers before, but usually give up and go on to something else (I also like the LUSH colour supplements) because they’re not that awesome.  The first day I tried this, I had the mother of all zits in that awkward place between my chin and my jaw where it’s super obvious.  None of my other concealers had done anything except to highlight the awfulness and I was contemplating putting on a mask and acting like it had completely slipped my mind that it wasn’t Halloween (gaslight, anyone?).  This worked like a charm.  The humongous thing nearly disappeared with just a little bit of the concealer.  It works excellently with the concealer brush.

IMG_0459_1 - Copy

e.l.f. calls it a Tapered Stipple Brush, but this is really your concealer’s best friend.  I use this with the HD Lifting Concealer daily.  In conjunction with some beauty balm, this works excellently to cover up most of my scarring, even some of the worst offenders, without foundation.  And with foundation, my skin looks almost blemish free again.

IMG_0454_1 - Copy

Also to be found at the Sephora impulse buy counter, 2 travel-size Urban Decay Revolution Lip glosses.  They’re not horribly small.  I use them both fairly often and there’s still plenty left.  Liar, on the left, looks brown, but is described as a pink-nude.  Anarchy is the fuchsia one.  Both are gorgeous colors, and sheer enough that you can get away with Anarchy at work.  They aren’t sticky and have good staying power.  If I’m not wearing the Kat Von D lipstick, I’m probably wearing one of these glosses at the moment.  I normally don’t quote price on here, but I have to tell you, at $14 I think these are a freaking steal.

IMG_0462_1 - Copy

This is from the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  It’s in a plastic bag because it’s made of 5 different oils.  This hair mask from Ariel Co. has done amazing things for my hair.  I don’t think it’s been this soft since I was a child.  My scalp loves this too.  If you have hair that’s frizzy or resembles steel wool or a scalp that’s constantly irritated, you must try this.  A little goes a long way.  I’ve used this sample size once a week for months and I still have one or two uses left in it.  I do recommend following the instructions on the bottle, and shampooing twice for best results.

PS  Sorry for the long hiatus, and thanks for being patient.  My goal is to post once a week for the time being and hopefully build my way back up to more.  We’ll see how that goes!

Notes about the brands:

-Kat Von D is cruelty free.

-The Ariel Co. is cruelty free.


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