Harvey Prince Perfume in Hello

IMG_0431_1 - Copy

From the August Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

I was biased against this from the moment it arrived, because it stank up everything.  That’s not entirely fair.  The smell is okay, but seriously, it was everywhere and it’s strong.  I touched it briefly earlier to take the photo.  I’ve washed my hands twice and I can still smell it on my fingers.  I like a perfume that’s slightly more subtle, and not likely to choke anyone who comes into a 3-mile radius.

There are several flower and fruit notes in this, with the overriding note of vanilla (also not a favorite of mine).  Harvey Prince’s hype boils down to this:  you will be enveloped in this perfume.  Which is totally true.  You and everyone in your zip code.  I really can’t stress how strong this scent is.  But if you like sweet, strong smelling perfume, you must check this out!

A note about the brand:  Harvey Prince Organics is cruelty free and vegan.


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