The All Natural Face Lip Glosses

IMG_0426_1 - CopyFrom l-r:

-moisturizing and flavored lip gloss in Raspberry.  The pot isn’t empty; this is a clear gloss.  It is moisturizing and definitely tastes like raspberry, but it’s a little thin and slippery for my taste in lip gloss.

-Angel Wings.  While it may be hard to tell from the photo, this is a lovely light pink gloss.  Not as thin as the Raspberry, and quite possibly my favorite in this selection.

-Frosted Peach.  More pink than orange in color, it’s got enough shimmer to deserve the frosted name.  It’s a nice neutral shade for a casual day.

-Iridescence.  Don’t let that bright purple scare you.  It’s actually quite sheer.  A little on the thin side, but not as bad as Raspberry.  A little melty, though.

-Frosted Berries.  They call this mauve, and if that’s a mix of purple and brown, then this is definitely mauve.  It’s not quite shimmery enough for me to agree with the frosted part.  This one is nice for work when you don’t want to haul out the lipstick.

-Frosted Rose.  If we’re still going with purple and brown = mauve, then this is a deeper mauve.  This one has the shimmer to qualify as frosted and between the two mauves, I like this one a lot better.  It’s not as work friendly, but it’s more fun!

I got all of these samples in the “Try Me” Lipgloss Collection.  I picked everything except Raspberry, which automatically comes with.  These last a long time, so it’s a very good deal.


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