South of France Hand Wash in Shea Butter

IMG_0423_1 - Copy

Have I mentioned the scaly depths to which my hands have descended this winter?  In a crazed effort to find the secret to soft hands in the winter, I’ve been trying every hand soap at the grocery store.  Okay, not every soap.  I did veto a few, but this looked interesting, and, as an added bonus, was a totally new brand to me.  Anyway, despite the name, the shea butter is just the fragrance, not the moisturizing part.  That’s coconut and olive oil.

I could totally digress here on the concept of shea butter as just the fragrance, but I’ll try not to.  Despite this weirdness, it’s an amazing soap.  My hands took on almost human form by the time I was done with this bottle.  It was so amazing I was even talking myself past the very strong scent, which I do not like in a hand soap.  The only thing keeping this out of my permanent collection is what it did to my bathroom sink.  It adhered not just itself, but remnants of all of my skin care product to the sink basin.  The gunk does come out with baking soda and vinegar, but I just couldn’t talk myself into looking at that week after week.  And if you’re thinking you can just wipe it down after doing the skincare routine, well, let’s just say I could have lived with that.

A note about the brand:  South of France is cruelty free.


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