OCC Lip Tar RTW in Narcissus and Strumpet

IMG_0436_2 - Copy

I was crazy excited to see this on the OCC website.  I love them.  I love their Lip Tar.  But even after watching dozens of tutorials on YouTube, I still can’t figure out how to make my lips look as awesome as the photos.  Finally, I thought, OCC has made Lip Tar for the amateurs!

Readers, if you are feeling me on this, you are going to love the RTW Lip Tars!  They are just as pigmented as the regular Lip Tar, except you don’t need to apply the primer first.  No brush either…there’s a doe-foot applicator in the cap.

These are almost as easy to apply as regular lip gloss.  You won’t need as much because of the heavy pigmentation.  I found the best way was to apply a bit to the middle of my lips, smack them and then drag my pinky finger around to get the outer parts of my lips.  And once it was on, it stayed on, just as well as regular Lip Tar.

If you are a Lip Tar fan but avoid wearing them because you feel like a makeup idiot, go get these now!


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