Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Pressed Cheek Colour in Sweet Sixteen

IMG_0425_1 - Copy

From the December Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Is there a difference between blush and pressed cheek colour?  I hope not, because I tested this as blush.  Despite being pressed, it applies easily to the brush.  Perhaps a bit too easily.  Be cautious your first time out or just don’t be in a hurry putting on your makeup that day.  I was neither of those things, and I went around looking a bit like a clown on the first day of testing

However, once I got the hang of it (aka Day Two), it blended well.  Of course, a little of this will go a long way.  There are a bunch of ingredients that you don’t expect in blush, excuse me, pressed cheek colour, like orange peel wax, jojoba and broccoli seed.  Lauren Brooke has a lot of unexpected hype for these and their other ingredients, including that it “reduces cholesterol build up in the skin” and “stimulates new and healthy tissue growth”.

I can’t tell you whether the blush lives up to its hype.  That might require visits to multiple doctors on a before and after basis.  I can tell you it’s a nice blush that blends well and after Day One, it didn’t make me look like a circus performer.


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