OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream

From the July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

No photos on this, as I got 2 little sample tubes that don’t resemble the actual package at all.  They only lasted a few days, so it’s hard to speak to most of the hype on this.  A lot of it is about anti-aging and skin elasticity, which is hard to gauge in such a short period.  Here’s what I did get out of it.

It’s a very light moisturizer, and I mean this in a good way.  Some moisturizers are so thick the skin feels like it’s suffocating, but this moisturized well without feeling like too much.  This brought me back to the days when I used nothing but high-end skin care.  I thought it had a really good feel to it, quality-wise.  There’s a slight scent, but it goes away quickly.

For the short time I tested this, I thought it was a fantastic moisturizer.  The only thing keeping it from my permanent collection is my hope that somewhere out there is something as awesome, but targeted at acne.

A note about the brand:  Osea is cruelty-free and vegan.


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