Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Distortion

IMG_0419_1 - Copy

Do you ever see a product and think, “that would look so cool if I did such and such with it”?  This is one of the lighter shades of Heavy Metal, and that may have been where I made my mistake.  I thought it would look kick ass with some dark purple eyeshadow.  Turns out you could barely see my eyeliner.  Then I thought maybe, just maybe, it might look okay with light eyeshadow.  That was even worse.  So I just let this linger in my testing area for months, telling myself I would figure out something really cool to do with it.

Would you believe, I actually did find a pretty good use for this?  While it’s not great as an eyeliner, it can pump up your eyeshadow.  This is actually perfect for turning any eyeshadow into a glitter shadow.  Once the eyeshadow is applied, just take the little liner brush in the cap and dot the glitter over your shadow.  Instant evening look.  I may not stop buying glitter shadows because of this, but it will probably open me up to more matte shadows than I would have considered now that I can spice them up!


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