Alaffia Foaming Hand Soap in Lavender

IMG_0420_1 - Copy

It’s winter, which means my hands are dry, withered and cracked.  Lotion only goes so far, so I’m looking for a soap that can meet me halfway.  Alaffia hypes “it gently and thoroughly cleanses your hands, leaving them soft and moisturized”.  No.  Just no.  Alaffia hates my hands and made this very clear over the 3 or 4 days before I had to give up testing this.

If anything, my hands were even more dry, withered and cracked after using this.  It does foam nicely, but if there’s a lavender scent, I couldn’t smell it over the screaming of my hands.  If your hands don’t get all jacked up in the winter, then you might like this soap.  If your hands turn into a hot mess, do not try this.

Because I hate wasting anything, I’ll hold on to this and try it in the summer months when my hands are more normal.  Maybe it’s just a summer soap.


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