Aubrey Organics Chia Hairspray – Regular Hold

IMG_0414_1 - Copy

From the September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

I’m not the biggest fan of hair products, especially styling products, which is why you don’t see a lot of them tested here.  Mostly because my hair hates everything, or everything hates my hair.  I haven’t worked that completely out yet.  However, I do try to test everything that comes in the beauty boxes, unless I’m allergic or I just can’t stand the smell.

Aubrey hypes this “smoothes hair fiber to reduce frizzing and enhance shine”.  I can’t really speak to whether or not this enhances shine, as my hair is basically shine kryptonite.  It’s like the black hole of hair, sucking in all light never to let it escape again.  As for the frizzing…I was trying to figure out how to test this, since my hair style can best be described as wash, air dry and wear it like that until my animals beg me to wash my hair because I am now the smelly one.   But I live in a very humid part of the U.S. and one day I had an important appointment and some very big hair going on.  Now, big hair is still a thing where I live, but it’s not my style, so I figured the time had come to dig this out of the testing bin.

I was impressed by the noticeable frizz reduction.  This is actually an achievement for my hair.  I’m rarely impressed by hair products, so that made me even more impressed.  If you have hair that goes Cousin Itt on you on rainy/humid days, you must try this.  It’s now my go to product on those days, whereas before I was going with the pray they don’t notice plan.  I’ve even received some compliments on my hair on high humidity days since I started using this, and I think that says it all.

A note about the brand:  Aubrey Organics is cruelty free.


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