Au Naturale Cosmetics Creme Eye Shadow in Palma

IMG_0413_1 - Copy

From the September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

I had high hopes for this.  I used to have this gold cream eye shadow from Clinique that was awesome and I wanted this to be the replacement.  I could use that gold cream shadow as a base or on its own.  It blended well and went on smoothly.  Sadly, this was not my dupe, and as you can see, it looks virtually untouched.  Once it went through testing, I basically haven’t touched it again.

Au Naturale describes this as a “beautiful beige with shimmer that flatters all skin tones”.  Now, I admittedly have problems identifying colors (which is why I so love the makeup brands that use shade names that make sense…but I promise to avoid that soap box tonight, even with a shade named Palma), but this does not look like beige to me.  To me, this looks like a shimmery copper, if copper can ever be matte, that is.  If you see the beige, let me know.

It’s not horrible, but this is a little pricey for the lack of blendability and lack of pigment.  Despite the hype, it does not flatter all skin tones.  However, if you have a skin tone that it flatters, this may be a good eye shadow for you.  I recommend warm toned skin.

A note about the brand:  Au Naturale Cosmetics is cruelty free and vegan.


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