One Love Organics Healthy Love Dry Shampoo Powder

IMG_0411_1_1 - Copy

From the August Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and the November Petit Vour Box

Dry shampoo is quite possibly one of my favorite beauty inventions of all time.  My hair hates to be washed, but likes pick up everything in sight.  I imagine small children are also like this.  I’ve been testing this on and off since it first showed up in August.  Sometimes products just sneak their way into my personal collection and I forget I’m still supposed to be testing it.  I guess it’s too late for the spoiler alert.

Obviously, I liked this dry shampoo.  It’s got a soft, baby powder-like smell to it, although it appears to be talc-free.  I also like the packaging, for a totally random reason.  (Does anyone remember those toys shaped like canisters and when you turned them over, they made a mooing noise?)  Anyway, I also like the top of the packaging, which has a dial that spins it open and closed.  The opening is small enough that you’d need a big accident to make a big mess, but not so small that you’re asking yourself if this is dry shampoo or Fort Knox.

Overall, it’s a nice dry shampoo, but the regular size is, I think, a little pricey.  Maybe it is Fort Knox.  If you can find the sample size above, then it’s worth trying.  I’ve been using this probably twice a week since August and I’m still using the one from the Vegan Cuts box.

A note about the brand:  One Love Organics is cruelty free.


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