Brand Fatigue winner

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Brand Fatigue “contest”.  I really appreciated all of the product suggestions, even the ones I wasn’t able to try.  It was great to get introduced to some new brands!  After reviewing the list, due to allergies and such, I was able to try:

-Pacifica perfume

-EcoSevi shampoo

-Silk Naturals lip stick

Because I’m a raging product-aholic, I tried additional products from all of these brands, but I kept my winner pick strictly limited to the product recommended.  I loved something about each of these products and you can search the blog for my reviews.  Here are the highlights:

-Pacifica perfume:  loved the rollerball application.  Anything that doesn’t require me to spray something in a houseful of exotic animals is going to be appreciated.

-EcoSevi shampoo:  they have some of the best vegan hair care products out there, in my opinion.

-Silk Naturals lip stick:  highly pigmented, cute packaging.

And the winner is:  Silk Naturals lip stick.  I was really impressed by these (I tried 2 colors).  For the price point (lip stick is about $6), these are excellent quality.  Both the formula and the pigment is fabulous.  PS  Their eye shadows aren’t bad either.  Thanks, DHBG, and please email me at to claim your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who commented!  Look for a new contest after the first of the year and my apologies that this one took so long to play itself out.


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