Jersey Shore All Natural Radiant Gold Leaf Highlighter

IMG_0405_1 - Copy

From the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

The key thing to note about this highlighter is that it’s meant to “enhance sun touched skin”.  Since only vampires have skin less touched by the sun than mine, this didn’t test well on me.  Honestly, most highlighters don’t, since it’d be like putting highlighter on the full moon.  I tested this on my cheeks and on the bridge of my nose, over my foundation.  I had trouble getting this to apply and blend well when applying directly to my face.  By the way, if I’m supposed to apply cream highlighter under foundation, please clue me in.  Anyway, I finally got this to apply a bit better when I put some on my hand and then ran a brush over it.

I would suggest that you check out the photos of the models on the Jersey Shore site before deciding whether to try this highlighter.  Their ideas of “sun touched” and yours may radically differ.  Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have the melanin content in your skin naturally, but still check out their models to be sure this will work on you.

A note about the brand:  Jersey Shore Cosmetics is cruelty free.


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