Athar’a Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream

IMG_0398_1 - Copy

From the May Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Athar’a hypes “this luxurious cream will provide intense hydration while increasing elasticity and reducing wrinkles and dark circles”.  I mostly use eye creams because I’ve learned the hard way what using regular moisturizer will do to your eye area.  Those little white bumps are your skin’s way of saying “please use a thinner moisturizer on the thinner skin”.  By the way, as far as I can tell, the Moroccan refers to the argan oil in this, not the coffee seed oil.

The eye cream definitely has a luxurious feel to it.  In fact, I was a little worried when I started testing it that it was too luxurious (thick) for the eye area.  Happily, this has not produced milia, but has kept my under-eye area very moisturized.  As I sit here gently patting my eye area to see if the eye cream has increased elasticity, I feel a little silly, but my skin does feel a little less wiggly, so I’d have to agree with Athar’a’s hype on this.  I cannot say it lived up to the hype of reducing wrinkles and dark circles.  I don’t often notice my wrinkles, but when I do, I tend to notice the ones around my eyes and they look the same as they’ve always been.  I feel confident in saying this hasn’t reduced my dark circles, since I was asked only yesterday about the ones that have taken up residence lately under my eyes.

Overall, this is a nice, hydrating eye cream.  I have been testing this tiny jar for months and have barely made a dent in it, despite using it twice a day.  If you’re looking for an eye cream to help with dryness, this is absolutely worth trying!

A note about the brand:  Athar’a is vegan and cruelty free.


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