LUSH Eyes Right mascara

IMG_0397_1 - Copy

I picked this up because I have an overwhelming compulsion to buy everything in sight when I walk into LUSH, not because I actually needed mascara.  And sadly for my other black mascaras, this one has become the clear favorite.  The main ingredient in Eyes Right is…wheatgrass.  That’s not even the strangest thing, at least for me.  The bottle is so small it fits into the palm of my hand and there is actually a mascara wand inside the bottle.

That tiny mascara wand takes some practice to get used to.  Once you do, you’ll love it.  The wand makes it easy to get at the tiny lashes on the inner corners of your eyes and the bottom lashes.  Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s the wheatgrass formula or the tiny wand, but my lashes look great.  It’s not waterproof, so if you tend to have runny mascara, you might want to avoid this, at least on your bottom lashes.


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