Modern Minerals Finishing Glow in Tea Rose

IMG_0396_1 - Copy

From the August Petit Vour Box

As far as I can gather, finishing glow is also finishing powder (aka loose powder or a compact).  The Tea Rose finishing glow is described as “translucent with a delicate pink hue”.  It is as pink as the picture above would lead you to believe.  Given that I have the melanin content of a polar bear, I was too scared to try this as a finishing powder over my entire face.  I was convinced that I would spend the entire day looking like I had just been embarrassed.

Modern Minerals hypes this “provides an overall soft focus finish and glow”.  Since I often wear tinted highlighter as blush and since this has a lovely pink tint, I figured it would make an excellent blush.  It looked quite nice, really.  I’m not sure anyone would look right with a tinted pink powder over their entire face, unless they were auditioning for a role in Candyland, but this makes a nice finishing powder for the cheeks.  As a bonus, since it is actually a finishing powder and works as a highlighter, you’re saving yourself some time in the morning!


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