Mahalo Pele Mask

IMG_0394_1_1 - Copy

From the September Petit Vour Box

This is a dry mask to which you add water or hydrosol (I had to Google this, apparently it’s an herbal distillate or floral water).  Anyway, since I just found out what hydrosol is while writing this, I obviously tested this with water.  According to the instructions, as you mix the dry mask with the liquid, it will swell and bubble, and then turn into a soft mousse.  If that just brought the image of spreading something volcanic on your face, you’re not alone.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), I was never able to get the dry to liquid mix just right and missed out on the swelling and bubbling.

As someone who regularly puts mud on her face (see my Dark Angels addiction), the smell and texture of this didn’t really bother me.  If you’ve never put mud on your face before, this might be an adjustment.  It’s not mud, really, just some volcanic ash clay and bamboo charcoal, but you will be thinking mud.  Mahalo hypes this “detoxifies and tightens pores” and “combats and heals blemishes”.  Since I couldn’t get the swelling and bubbling or the mousse effect going, you’ll have to take my review with a grain of salt (which by the way may be the only natural ingredient not in this mask).

My skin definitely felt like my pores had been purged after using this mask.  I would have to agree that my pores felt tightened, which for me means my pores can’t be seen in indirect lighting.  I can’t say that my blemishes healed any faster while using this mask, which I tested once a week for probably a month.  In all fairness, I am now fighting Blemish Wars 2, so I’m not sure that anything short of a nuclear option would make my blemishes heal faster.

If you’re looking for a dry mask and don’t mind the smell of ash and charcoal, then this could be a mask to try.  Let me know how you get it to bubble and swell, just because I’m curious!

A note about the brand:  Mahalo Skin Care is cruelty free.


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