Bedrock & Bloom Smart Ash Tooth Whitening Powder

IMG_0391_1 - Copy

From the July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Okay, so the first thing that freaked me out about this is that it’s as black as the photo makes it look.  Blacker, maybe.  And this is supposed to clean my teeth?  It’s made of coconut shell charcoal, bentonite clay, mint, orange peel and frankincense.  It tastes like charcoal, just in case you’re hoping the mint and orange peel make this somehow less scary.

My teeth felt clean while I was testing it, so it does get the main job done.  However, you have to go back and brush again with water after brushing with the powder, so it will take twice as long to brush your teeth.  If you’re looking for a natural tooth cleaner, and the idea of putting something distinctly resembling charcoal powder into your mouth, give this a shot!

A note about the brand:  Bedrock & Bloom is vegan and cruelty free.


2 thoughts on “Bedrock & Bloom Smart Ash Tooth Whitening Powder

  1. I love this stuff, i got a sample size, and i am planning to go online for the bigger one.i have a tooth that has lost some enamel and after brushing with this it felt smoother like it was helping remineralize and harden the tooth. Im not sure yet, but its worth a try! I was able to just very breifly run the toothbrush over my teeth and tongue after rinsing and get out all the black. I think the colors kinda fun too lol

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