derma E Makeup Remover

IMG_0392_1 - Copy

I found this during one of my frequent “I’m just going to take a quick look” trips down the Natural Grocers beauty aisle.  I decided to test this because I’m not in love with my current eye makeup remover, the makeup remover wipes were getting tedious, and because I have a product addiction.  One thing I absolutely love about this makeup remover is that it’s gentle enough for the eyes.  Very, very gentle.  I’ve gotten some in my eyes a few times and it was as painful as getting water in them.

The instructions say to use a generous amount, and they mean business.  Go nuts with this stuff and just rub it in until there’s nothing left to rub in.  That’s my only complaint about the makeup remover is that you have to use so much of it.  Well, that, and it kind of leaves a sticky feeling on your face until you rinse it off.  Otherwise, despite the fact that it’s super gentle on my eye area, it gets the job done in a serious way.  And it’s quicker than the two step process I was using.  Get this makeup remover!


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