Earth Science eye makeup remover

IMG_0384_1 - Copy

This is a gel eye makeup remover (as opposed to a cream or liquid remover).  This does remove eye makeup well.  However, this is probably my least favorite eye makeup remover ever, and this includes the one that stung my eyes.  It’s very gentle, maybe a little too gentle.  I found that I had to use more eye makeup remover than usual to remove the same amount of makeup.  But, more annoyingly, this leaves bits of cotton ball all over the eye area, and they haven’t yet made an eye makeup remover remover.  I tested this with 2 different types of cotton balls, as well as tissue, with the same results every time.  The eye makeup came off, but left the cotton ball/tissue residue.

It is as fragrance free as advertised, and it is gentle.  If fragrance is a problem and you don’t mind picking bits of cotton ball off of your eyes every night, then that would be the only reason to try this.

A note about the brand:  Earth Science Naturals is cruelty free.  A list of their non-vegan products can be found here.


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