EcoTools Six Piece Day-to-Night Clutch Set

IMG_0383_1 - Copy

The six pieces in this set are:

  1.  the clutch
  2. flat stay-there shadow brush (far left)
  3. smudge brush
  4. round powder brush
  5. detailed lip/liner brush (far right)
  6. pointed concealer brush (not pictured)

The flat stay-there shadow brush is a little too big for all-over eye color, in my opinion.  My flat stiff brush that I use for all-over color is less pointed at the top and less thick.  This brush made it hard for me to get the precision I wanted.

The smudge brush has come in pretty handy as a concealer brush.  I’ve been using it more to blend out the concealer around blemishes than for eye makeup, which is what it’s really for.  And here my Goldilocks comes out.  I don’t really like it for eye makeup because it’s not fluffy or pointy enough for crease work, which is actually it’s intended use.

The round powder brush is very nice.  It gives good coverage and the brush handle is a comfortable length.

The detailed lip/liner brush is actually my favorite in this set.  I love wearing OCC lip tars, but I hate those tiny brushes they come with.  This brush provides great detail and enough handle length that I can get to those spots that seem so hard to reach with the OCC mini-brushes.  I love how this lip brush is a bit stiffer than most lip brushes, and I felt like I got better precision with my lip color.

The pointed concealer brush is not pictured because it broke.  Ironically, I bought this set because my last concealer brush broke (the bristles completely separated from the brush) and this one broke like two weeks later.  I am not impressed with the quality of the EcoTools concealer brushes at this time.

The only brush that I was really impressed with in this set is the lip brush.  I’ve seen most of the other brushes in this set in their other collections.  The clutch does have those nice brush holders, so that could be handy.  If you’re looking for some inexpensive brushes that go beyond the basics, this might be a good set, but be careful.  These brushes do not like being washed regularly.


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