LUSH Herbalism facial cleanser

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A couple of months ago, I went into LUSH to pick up some more Dark Crack, excuse me, Dark Angels, and they were out.  Cue the horror!  This is the downside to fresh handmade cosmetics.  Sometimes they run out of the preciousssss.  Anyway, after the nice LUSH lady talked me down, she recommended Herbalism to tide me over.  If you think Dark Angels has a scary color, this is a bright green!

I’d have to say this is a gentler version of Dark Angels.  It’s got ground almonds for exfoliating, and to give it that bitter almond smell.  Kaolin clay and rice vinegar absorb excess oils, and then it has a nice blend of other herbs to leave skin “feeling fresh, clean and calm”.  I did not like this as much as Dark Angels, but I imagine for those who are not oily enough that Exxon is suing for drilling rights, this might be a nice facial cleanser.  It held my skin together in a duct-tape and string kind of way until the preciousssss returned, and it’s not bad.  In fact, if you’re not super oily, you might like this better than Dark Angels.


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