Emani Brows & Liners in Coco Black

IMG_0381_1 - Copy

From the June Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Full disclosure:  I did not test these on my brows at all.  My brows already stand out like a nose on a polar bear; I’m not putting anything but clear brow gel on them.  You should know that these shades are darker than they appear, so I’m not sure these particular shades would be useful to anyone in the brow department.  If your brows are dark enough for these shades, you probably don’t need any extra definition.  They do have a much lighter palette for the fairer-browed.

I tested these strictly as liners and shadows.  They make a great smoky eye, although since they’re not really designed for shadow, they got a little crease-y towards the end of the day.  They do make great liners, well, except for the guy on the left.  I thought it was just a tad too light for an eyeliner, but maybe that’s just me.  I like my liners on the dark side.  Overall, it’s a nice palette, but I have a similar one from e.l.f. that’s a cream and powder combo.


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