Gleam by Melanie Mills Lip Radiance in Naked

IMG_0379_1 - Copy

From the August Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Lip glosses are my preferred form of lip color, when they’re not too sticky and don’t have a weird flavor to them.  Melanie Mills hypes this is “long wearing, moisture rich, highly pigmented, not sticky, anti feathering”.  In other words, this could be the holy grail of lip gloss if it lives up to the hype.  I’m going to tackle each of these separately.

Long wearing:  this means something different when we’re talking about lip gloss vs. lip sticks or lip stains.  Gloss generally doesn’t adhere as well to the lips (because it’s a gloss), so if I can get the lip gloss to wear more than two hours through eating, drinking, talking (and maybe smoking, or maybe not, shhh), I consider it long lasting.  This lasted pretty well for about an hour, and then I needed to re-apply.

Moisture rich:  glosses tend to be more moisturizing than other types of lip color, for the same reason that they don’t last as long as other types of lip color.  What makes the color adhere better can often be the same thing that dries lips out.  But I have experienced some glosses that rubbed off harshly, leaving my lips feeling dry.  That did not happen here.  My lips felt moisturized, and it didn’t leave that residue when it came off that some other glosses can.  This was an even moisturization.

Highly pigmented:  This is where glosses can wildly differ.  In my experience, if a gloss looks like the same color on your lips as it does in the tube, the pigment is good.  And this is good pigment.  This is a perfect neutral shade gloss, a soft brown with a hint of pink that looks good with pretty much any makeup look.

Not sticky:  This was not sticky at all.  It almost felt like a lipstick from that perspective.

Anti feathering:  This did not bleed anywhere, which was much appreciated.  It may have worn off, but it was most likely onto my water bottle, because it wasn’t all over my face.

I love, love, love this lip gloss.  I used to have this go to lip gloss that I loved, very close to this color, from Jessica Simpson’s Dessert makeup line, back before I went the vegan route.  I haven’t been able to find that gloss since before I went beauty vegan, and this is almost an exact dupe.  It pretty much lives in my makeup bag.  There are 6 other shades if this one isn’t for you, but this is a lip gloss you should check out!

A note about the brand:  Melanie Mills is cruelty free. 



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