e.l.f. Studio BB Cream

IMG_0377_1_1 - Copy

I got a few real-world comments last time I posted about a BB cream, that essentially boiled down to “what the heck is a BB cream”?  So, here’s a little primer (sorry for the pun) on BB cream.  Here in the US, BB or CC cream is usually a tinted moisturizer, primer and sunscreen all-in-one.  They come in different shades (the pale version is pictured here, of course) and some brands do a better job than others of color matching.  It’s a nice way to get away with not wearing foundation if you aren’t hideously broken out, like some of us, since it evens out your complexion in a similar way to foundation.

Anyway, on the the e.l.f. BB Cream.  e.l.f. hypes “the smoothing formula minimizes fine lines and provides a natural tint of color for seamless coverage”.  This definitely felt more like an age-defying product than a concealer, which I prefer in the BB creams.  It was a little more oily than I cared for, and that’s what you’ll find in a lot of age-defying products.  I did like the tint, it was a pale as the Pale shade promised and my complexion evened out nicely.

In addition to it being a little oily, this has a fragrance.  A strong one, and it lasts all day.  It’s not bad, kind of a flowery perfume, but I did not appreciate it overpowering my actual perfume.  If you are sensitive to fragrance, do not even give this a shot.  It bothered even me, and I’m not usually bothered by scents that aren’t fruity.  But if you’re looking for a little help in the age-defying department, this could be your new BB cream!


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