AILA Cosmetics nail polish in Doolish

IMG_0371_1 - Copy

From the Petit Vour July beauty box

Doolish is a nice warm coral, despite the super orangish tint it appears to have in the picture.  If you’re into wearing the right color for the season, I’d say this is a nice summer color.  Although it is a 5-free polish, it still has your standard nail polish smell.  I swear, if I ever find a nail polish that doesn’t smell, I’m buying stock in that company.

Be careful when applying this.  It has a tendency to smear easily when applying the second coat, and smudges noticeably if it’s not completely dry.  The polish has what I would call a normal chip rate.  The first week was okay, but going into the second week it started chipping here and there and one toe was basically half polished for the rest of that week.

If you haven’t been able to find coral which just the right balance of pink and orange, this would be one to try!  Otherwise, the chip & smear factors were a little much for me.

A note about the brand:  AILA is vegan and cruelty free.


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