Silk Naturals eye and lip colors

IMG_0370_1_1 - CopyRecommended by Dirty Hippy Bohemian Girl

From l-r:  Cosmopolitan lipstick, Nautilus and Cache loose eye colors, Jane lipstick

Silk Naturals describes their lip colors as creamy, moisturizing, comfortable and richly pigmented.  These are some of the most comfortable, moisturizing lipsticks I’ve ever worn.  I was very impressed with their wearability and they are as richly pigmented as hyped.  Cosmopolitan is described as a medium cool berry shade with a slight hint of shimmer.  I couldn’t detect the slight hint of shimmer, but otherwise it’s as described.  Jane as described as a vivid, creamy coral.  It’s much more pink than orange, but it’s an absolutely beautiful color.

They don’t really hype their eye shadows, which is a shame, since they totally deserve hype.  These shadows go on smoothly and are long-lasting.  They have good pigment, so you don’t need much.  I’m not sure where Nautilus came from, because I didn’t order it and it’s not on the website (apologies that it’s in the photo…I didn’t realize it’s not on their website until I had this almost done and the photo uploaded).  Cache is the vegan dupe of Smashbox’s Naked, which is the perfect nude shadow for me, so it’s my new favorite shadow.

And if you’re looking for vegan dupes of Urban Decay shadows, check out their site, because they tell you which are the dupes for which.  I don’t know how accurate they are since I don’t have any Urban Decay shadows.  Their eye shadow descriptions are pretty accurate, though, so you may be able to figure it out if you do use Urban Decay.

A note about the brand:  Silk Naturals is cruelty free.


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