My favorite Youtubers

I so wanted to write the Silk Naturals post tonight, but it’s taking longer than I thought.  Then I thought I’d write a review on the Pacifica cream eye shadow in one of the Vegan Cuts boxes, but it’s not listed on the Pacifica website.  So, grr and double grr.  Since I have nothing else prepared, tonight I’ll tell you all about my favorite makeup artists on YouTube.

MakeupGeek – I’ve been watching her since she started in 2008.  I love her dramatic eye looks and she’s just fun to watch.  Like most of the YouTubers, she doesn’t use vegan products, but her product lists make it easy to find vegan dupes.

PixieWoo – these ladies seriously know their stuff when it comes to makeup.  I’ve learned so much from them, including some super awesome tips on the best brush to use for my foundation and how to cover up some of my acne.  Spoiler alert:  For full coverage, the flat foundation brush is best.  For the concealer, you’ve got to watch their cover-up video, because I can’t even begin to explain it.

DustinHunter – he’s a huge, huge, huge, Estee Lauder fan, but he’s so creative in his videos.  Plus, he’s got a hysterical review on those horrid L’oreal Shadow Secrets palettes that I love to watch repeatedly.

Who do you love on YouTube?


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