The other reason I’ve been out of it

Earlier this year, in my Reading Between the Bubbles post, I mentioned that I was looking for bubble bath for my niece.  And it was getting tricky because of my requirements that it be cruelty-free and vegan and her mom’s requirements that it be natural and organic.  Instead of deciding to just give the girl a book (which in retrospect would have been the far less insane idea), I was having so much fun I decided to put together an entire beauty bag for her.  A bag with nothing but vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic products.  This bag has entailed months of research finding products that her mother and I could agree upon, and tonight, on the eve of what better be a day of excited screaming on the part of my niece, I will show you what’s in the bag.  Partly to make you wish you had an aunt like me, but mostly so you can enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I’ve only tested a few products in this bag (on other occasions), so no reviews tonight.

The packaged bath items:

IMG_0360_1 - CopyBotanic Bath Infusion bath salts in Pick Me Up.  This came from one of the Vegan Cuts boxes.

Salus Bath Bombs.  Okay, these things are awesome on paper.  I’m not much of a bath person, so I’ve never tried them.  There are about 140 different scents, and the bath bombs are $3 each.  They list the ingredients so you can figure out which products are vegan.  They smell amazing!

My niece is also a bit of a Girl Scout, and loves making things.  I included a recipe book (not pictured here because I had it personalized with her name) with recipes to make masks, scrubs, bath bombs, and bubble bath.  Sadly, I was never able to find a natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan bubble bath, but I did find a recipe.  So, here they are, some of the ingredients to make bubble bath and bath bombs:

IMG_0364_1 - Copy

The 4 ingredients on the left are for the bubble bath.  I got the recipe here.  The big bottle on the far left is Aura Cacia Vegetable Glycerin.  Next to it is Dr. Bronner’s liquid unscented castile soap.  The little bottle on top of the box is NOW Essential Oils in Orange.  The Color Garden box is food coloring in red, yellow, blue and orange.  I bought all of these items at Natural Grocers, but you can probably find them at Whole Foods as well.

The 2 items on the right are the partial list of items for bath bombs.  I only bought the items my niece’s mom doesn’t keep on hand at the house.  The thing in the silver package is a stainless steel bath bomb mold, which I bought from Amazon.  They come in different sizes, but the 6.5cm one was recommended as the best for bath bombs.  On the far right is NOW Real Food Citric Acid.  Again, bought at Natural Grocers, but you can also probably get it at Whole Foods.

I also got her ingredients for a fancy clay mask.  You can get the recipe here.

IMG_0363_1 - CopyPictured above are NOW Essential Oils in Lavender, NOW Solutions European Clay Powder and NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil.  Got all of these at Whole Foods.

I also wanted to give her some fancier, pre-packaged masks.  DIY is nice, but sometimes you just like a pretty package or not taking 15 minutes to put the mask together.

The pre-packaged masks:

IMG_0362_1 - Copy

The Athar’a mask is their Moroccan Glow Detox Face Mask, with Moroccan Rhassoul clay, white and red kaolin clay and some other goodies.

The Lavender Love Mask and Scrub is from one of the Vegan Cuts boxes.  I’ve reviewed it (somewhere on the blog).

And then some perfumes and a lip tint:

IMG_0365_1 - Copy

The perfume on the right is the Pacifica Indian Coconut perfume (reviewed last month, I think).  My niece is way more into smelling like coconut than I am.  This came in a gift set I bought at Target.

The lip tint is from Mullein & Sparrow.  It came in one of the Vegan Cuts boxes, and was so popular they put it in again the next month as a bonus item.  There is also a review about this somewhere on the blog.

The perfume on the left is the Tallulah Jane perfume in Aiyana.  Last year, I received the Halona scent in a Vegan Cuts beauty box.  I gave my niece a sampler set for her birthday last year, and she liked this scent the best, so now it’s a full size.  See the Brands page for info on Tallulah Jane.

Lastly, the bag that it’s all going in:

IMG_0366_1 - Copy

This is an organic cotton reusable tote bag.  Along with the totally awesome and personalized recipe book, I got this at Zazzle.  I had to crop the picture a little too much, so you can’t tell from the photo, but it’s a wider than it is tall bag.  They do have this same bag in the regular taller than it is wide bag.

Forgive me if I’ve rambled, or got a little lazy at the end of this.  It’s super late my time and I’m running out of computer battery.  If you’ve used any of these products, I’d love to hear what you thought of them!


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