LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo

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I am one of the laziest people on the planet when it comes to washing my hair.  Also, my hair gets crazy if I wash it too often, so I need something to keep my hair smelling okay between washings.  LUSH hypes this “absorbs excess oils and volumizes locks, making the hair look and smell fresh without having to wash”.  Normally I don’t want volume; I have plenty on my own, but even my hair tends to droop after I’ll-never-tell-how-many days.  This does a good job of making my hair look like it’s been washed yesterday.

LUSH also hypes “it blends in completely, even on dark hair”.  My hair is a light/medium brown color and it blends well into the hair itself.  Be careful not to get this in your part, because the oils will soak it up.  This is a white powder, so your part will light up like a neon sign.  No Drought has lemon, grapefruit and lime oils, which are supposed to make your hair smell like fruit.  The fragrance isn’t strong at all.  I can barely smell it in the powder, and my hair just smells clean once it’s absorbed, not fruity.  This does a great job of helping me stay lazy until I get around to washing my hair again!


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