Cult Cosmetics nail polish in Breakwater

IMG_0338_1_1 - Copy

From the February Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

I tested this for 2 weeks, using a base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat.  The second coat didn’t go on easily and smeared a bit, taking a bit of time to even out.  The polish looked great for the first week, but then started to chip quickly in the second week.  Breakwater is a beautiful, bright summer purple, but I think better for a special occasion than regular wear.

A note about the brand:  Cult Cosmetics is cruelty free.


4 thoughts on “Cult Cosmetics nail polish in Breakwater

  1. I got the pink one in my box and was really impressed. None of my polishes ever last more than 5 days with all the scrubbing and diaper changing I do lol but for one to last a whole week I was impressed! Mine was very opaque and I had no issues with the second coat, but I always wait a good amount of time in-between coats to let them dry. I also use a topcaot from ORLY that dries fast so I’m sure that helped. I love this purple though and I’m glad to hear it’s pretty on the nails 🙂

    1. I kinda feel that I should be able to apply both coats without having to wait for it to dry. I wonder if it’s the color. Sometimes I’ve seen 2 colors from the same line perform differently.

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