e.l.f. Studio Undereye concealer/highlighter and primer

IMG_0335_1_1 - Copy

The e.l.f. concealer/highlighter comes in 3 shades, the one in fair is pictured above.  According to makeup experts, undereye concealer should be a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone.  The darkest shade of this concealer, medium, is not that dark, so ladies with actual melanin content in their skin may not find this useful.  This looked best when I used it in conjunction with a solid concealer.

On to the primer…it’s thinner than regular primer, much like eye cream is thinner than regular moisturizer.  I’m not that skilled at applying undereye concealer, but it definitely looked better.  It also seemed to help the concealer stay better when I applied foundation over it.  By the way, I don’t normally recommend applying concealer before foundation, but you’re going to need to with undereye concealer if you want to avoid the reverse raccoon look.

If you’re one of those makeup application experts who can magically make undereye circles disappear with solid concealer, liquid concealer and highlighter, give this a try!  If you’re completely useless with undereye makeup, like me, embrace those circles!


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