Beauty blender – or how annoyed am I?

So less than a month ago, I found and bought a vegan, cruelty free beauty blender and have been actively testing it.  Only to find out today, while preparing to write the review, that the freaking thing has been discontinued.  And now I have nothing prepared.  I guess we can talk about beauty blenders in general…

As you may remember, I experienced the acne siege most of last year and now I have the scarring to prove it.  All of the makeup videos I’ve watched made it seem like beauty blenders were the miraculous answer for covering it up.  I tried this thing damp, I tried this thing dry.  Since you don’t see any photos of me showing off my fabulous complexion, I think you can guess that it didn’t work out.  After watching more videos, I think the answer is less the tool, and more the half bottle of foundation.

It was definitely easier to get the foundation on around my nose and T-zone with the blender than a brush.  Foundation application seemed more difficult on my cheeks and forehead with the blender.  Overall, they’re interesting tools and some days it’s just easier than messing with another brush.  If you have some tips on using these, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Beauty blender – or how annoyed am I?

  1. That SUCKS. I’ve never used one, but I thought Real Techniques makes one and they are CF if that helps. I just use my fingers, lol. I find that by applying foundation once, and then patting over any scaring a second round (kinda like you would with concealer under your eye) I get pretty good coverage. Hope that helps!!!

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