Petit Vour July beauty box

IMG_0327_1_1 - Copy

Yes, this is another beauty box subscription.  Yes, I may have a problem.  No, there’s no need for an intervention.  I have a blog to treat the problem!

Petit Vour is another vegan, cruelty free subscription box that I stumbled across a few weeks ago.  So here goes, the July beauty box, from l-r:

-Luxe De Mer gentle cleanser

-Nubian Heritage mango butter

-Routine de-odor cream (natural deodorant)

-Aila Nail Lacquer

I’m excited about all of the new brands this box has introduced me to!  Look for reviews soon-ish.


3 thoughts on “Petit Vour July beauty box

  1. I’ve got to admit I was less than thrilled with the size of the D.O. sample but it’s probably the best natural D.O. I’ve ever tried in my life! And did you smell that body butter!? OMG, I could eat it!!! Enjoy your new sub 🙂

      1. Really!? What didn’t you like about them? I will say the butter is gritty and doesn’t soak in too fast, but I just adore the scent 🙂

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