Pacifica Devocean Lipstick in XOX

IMG_0322_1 - Copy

Pacifica hypes their Devocean lipstick is a “hydrating natural lipstick that lasts with intensity”.  This lives up to the hype on hydrating; it definitely won’t dry your lips out.  As for lasting with intensity…well, not so much.  It wears off quickly, but it’s not that noticeable with XOX, since it’s a neutral shade.

IMG_0323_1 - CopyIt looks like it has an orangish tint in the swatch, but it’s a neutral pink.  The website makes it look more like bubblegum pink, but XOX has more of a brownish undertone than anything.  It’s a nice enough neutral shade, but it smells and tastes very strongly of coconut.  If you don’t mind coconut, then this is a good lipstick for you!


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