The All Natural Face Vegan Glow

IMG_0318_1_1 - Copy

From l-r:  Original, Cherry Blossom and Desert Sand

I got these as part of a sampler kit and I had no idea what the purpose of Vegan Glow was.  My best guess was highlighter, which I like to use instead of blush.  According to the website, it can be used as a blush, shadow, with or without foundation, added to nail polish or used on the lips.  I’m not sure how it could be used on the lips, but if you figure it out, let me know!  The powders are light and work well as highlighters.

Original is described as a bit of apricot, with brick color.  Apricot makes me think it would have an orange-ish tint, but to me this looks like a very pale pink with a hint of purple.  Original has a matte finish, which I prefer in a highlighter.  This was my favorite of the three.

Cherry Blossom is described as being the pink of cherry blossoms.  I don’t think it looks quite as pink as that, but it definitely has more pink than Original.  This is also a very nice color, but I’m a little weird about having any real color on my cheeks.

Desert Sand is described as having a slightly pink glow.  Definitely has more pink than Original and Cherry Blossom, so I wouldn’t say it’s slightly pink.  If you’re not the shade of human closest to vampire, this would probably be a great highlighter, and possibly even a very light blush.

I like these much better than the blushes, and they have darker shades of glow that could work well as blush.


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