Shea Terra Bourbon Vanilla Body Creme

IMG_0314_1_1 - Copy

From the March Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

This is packed with shea butter and aloe, so I thought I’d test this on my feet.  They’re in dire need of hardcore moisturization.  Shea Terra hypes their creme has a large amount of shea butter to be effective for dry skin and it “keeps skin hydrated all day long”.  This is a sample size, but the larger jars advertise 30% shea butter.

I tested this on my feet for a month.  It wasn’t the hardcore moisturization I was looking for.  This will probably work best on dry hands and elbows.  As for the bourbon vanilla, that would be the scent.  It’s a strong scent, and definitely a bourbon scent (as much as I remember what bourbon smells like).  If you’re looking for a moisturizing body creme with only a few ingredients and a hard liquor smell, this is the one for you!

A note about the brand:  Shea Terra Organics is cruelty free.


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