e.l.f. Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils

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I know we’re all getting a little tired of e.l.f., but I’m still testing all of the wonderful product recommendations you’ve submitted.  At least we have glitter today!

The pencils and swatches, from l-r:  Plum Passion, Black Bandit, Boldly Bronzed, Twinkle Teal and Gunmetal

e.l.f. hypes “the long-lasting and smooth formulation glides on effortlessly”.  As long as you keep your hands off of your eyes, then these will last all day.  They don’t smudge easily, like with a q-tip, but the oils in your fingers will smudge the liner.  They do go on smoothly, so I have to say they live up to the hype on that.  These pencils have sharpener caps, which I always love for the convenience.

Boldly Bronzed is tied with Plum Passion for my favorite.  Boldly Bronzed looks great on its own, without any eye shadow.  It adds a nice neutral shimmer and makes for a super quick eye makeup look.  Plum Passion is a gorgeous dark purple with glitter that just makes it pop.  Even better, there’s not too much glitter, so you can use it for day makeup as well as night looks.

Twinkle Teal is a gorgeous shade, but it’s just a tad too bold for something that’s not a pool party or prom, if you’re melanin deficient like me.  If you have more melanin than a vampire, this might make a beautiful liner.  Otherwise, use it as an accent only.

The Black Bandit swatch looks darker than the Gunmetal swatch, but in real makeup looks, they look virtually the same.  The glitter doesn’t stand out that well on either of these shades.  They’re nice eyeliners, but nothing to write home about.

If you’re looking for some nice colored eyeliners with glitter, check these out!


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