The cure

I test a lot of products.  Some just for the blog, some for me, and some because I have a serious problem when it comes to the beauty aisle.  I’m sure a few of you suffer from a similar affliction.  😉  The products I test for me are usually because I’m trying to solve for some sort of annoyance.  The acne siege, the dinosaur hands, the reptile feet…  I hesitate to call these flaws, since that just leads to self-esteem issues if you say it long enough.

Anyway, solving these annoyances means trying different products or even different combinations of products until you find your “cure”.  How many times have you tried the IT product everyone raves about only for it to have absolutely no effect?  Those of you who’ve been reading Vegan Beauty for a while know I’ve been under siege by acne for the better part of a year.

I’ve tested what feels like a million acne products, trying to get the right product potion to fight back.  But sometimes it’s not about what you’re using or what you should be using.  It’s about what’s going on inside.  I’m not talking about emotions, although that may play a part.  Specifically, I’m talking about diet.  In the case of the acne siege, it didn’t matter that I had tried what felt like every vegan acne product and combination of products ever.

When nothing worked, I tried the internet.  Searches suggested I might have a nutritional imbalance, and I was dumb enough to try to work that out on my own for a minute.  Finally, I wised up and headed to a nutritionist.  (And I was lucky enough to find a vegan one!)  She helped tweak everything and really helped me get my acne under control.  Sure, I still had to get my product potion just right, but without the nutritionist’s help, I would never have been able to do that.

Learn from my mistakes.  If you’ve been struggling with something for months and nothing is working, not even the IT products, please seek help.  A doctor, a nutritionist, an herbalist, somebody who’s trained in dietary needs.  Even though we’re all about beauty here, remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


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