Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby Mild Castile Liquid Soap

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Although there are many uses for Dr. Bronner’s castile soaps, I’ve only tested this as a makeup brush cleaner.   I’ve used a few different brush cleaners over the years, and there may even be a review or two of those around here.  To be clear, I haven’t found any fault with those cleaners.  It’s just that I have secret aspirations to become a makeup artist and like to use what the pros use.  Dr. Bronner’s soaps were a completely unexpected search result, but people raved about it as a makeup brush cleaner, so I had to give it a shot.

This is me jumping on the bandwagon.  Dr. Bronner’s soap is an amazing brush cleaner.  I got stains off of some of my foundation brushes that I thought were permanent.  My brushes are super soft now, too.  I chose the unscented soap since I wasn’t sure about how my brushes would react to essential oils, but several people have raved about the scented soaps for cleaning brushes as well.  It’s a great cleaner and doesn’t make my hands feel weird.  This may be the last review for brush cleaner you see!

What do you use their soap for?




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