The All Natural Face eyeshadow brush

IMG_0303_1 - Copy

The brush is kind of thick (bushy?) for an eyeshadow brush.  Even though this is an all-over eyeshadow brush, as opposed to a crease or blending brush, it’s still a little big.  I prefer about half the brush for better detail and more control.  I tried this as a highlighter brush, and it worked okay.

Frankly, this brush makes me feel like Goldilocks.  Too big for eyeshadow, too small for highlighting and blush.  It’s a soft brush and cleans well without fraying.  Maybe one day I’ll stumble upon a Youtube video with a good use for it.  Anyone have any ideas what else it could be used for?


2 thoughts on “The All Natural Face eyeshadow brush

  1. I’ve had this problem with some of my eco tools eyeshadow brushes. I always go back to my E.L.F. ones from like 5 years ago because I’m not use to such big eyeshadow brushes. I can’t help you find out what to do with it, but I’ll check back and see if anyone else can figure it out because I seem to have the same issues. haha

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