Kiss My Face 4-in-1 Lavender & Shea Moisture Shave

IMG_0302_1_1 - Copy

I had to double-check the bottle the first time I used this.  The shave cream comes out looking like a moisturizing liquid soap, and it feels like a moisturizing soap too.  Once it’s lathered up, it acts more like a shave cream.  Kiss My Face hypes this will “soften your skin”, “provide a smooth, close shave” and that it’s “all you need for a comfy shave”.

As long as it’s applied evenly, this does provide a close shave.  Be careful not to miss a spot or rinse it off before shaving.  I did that accidentally the other day and I ended up with half of my leg not shaved.  My skin feels soft after using it, but since shaving does a little mini-exfoliation on it’s own, skin usually feels soft after shaving.

I wouldn’t say it’s a comfy shave; I wouldn’t say any shave is a comfy shave.  But it doesn’t feel drying like some shave creams can.  This is scented, not strongly, but noticeable.  4-in-1 comes in several scents, as well as a fragrance free formula.  It’s a nice shave cream and does its job well, but I can’t say this is a new favorite.


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