The All Natural Face blushes

IMG_0301_1_1 - Copy

This will be part 1 of a series on their blushes.  Colors pictured here (l-r):  Dusky Rose, Really Pink, Everyday is a Goodday (not a typo).

Dusky Rose is a matte blush.  The name pretty much says it all, color-wise.  It’s about as dark as I usually dare to go with a blush.  I do wish that it blended better.

Really Pink is a matte blush.  It’s a really bright, really pale pink.  The All Natural Face hypes it’s “FANTASTIC on medium to dark skintones”.  Really Pink is really light on me, but that’s my preferred blush look.

Everyday is a Goodday is also a matte blush.  It’s a nice warm pinkish orange.  I like it for warm coral looks.  The All Natural Face recommends it for light skintones, and it does show up pretty well on me.

These are all nice colors, but Really Pink and Everyday is a Goodday are more likely to get heavy use.  Which is your favorite color?


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