Petal Fresh Scalp Treatment Shampoo

IMG_0300_1_1 - Copy

From the March (and April) Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

This shampoo has tea tree oil, which Petal Fresh hypes as “a natural antiseptic to help disinfect the skin and fight against bacteria” and “helps relieve itchiness for irritated scalps.  I’ve been testing this on and off since March, and I do have a scalp which could use some treatment.  A little bit about my hair, so you know what this shampoo went up against.  I haven’t used heat or color on my hair in years, and currently use only 3 products on it besides shampoo and conditioner.

Despite this, I do have an itchy scalp.  My scalp may also be oilier than my face, a real feat.  This presents something of a challenge, since washing too much makes it oilier, but it gets itchier the longer I go between washings.  Petal Fresh helps, but it’s not a miracle.  It probably gives me an extra day of a less itchy scalp.  The relief it does give me is immediate.  As soon as I start washing, my scalp feels amazing.  I would love it if they made a dry shampoo to get me through until I can wash my hair again without encouraging the oil.

Petal Fresh has a scent, almost antiseptic.  It’s not that harsh antiseptic smell you get from the blue dandruff shampoos.  If antiseptic floral is a scent, then that’s what this shampoo smells like.  The smell isn’t strong; I would give it a medium scent level while washing and then it drops off.  I’m not terribly bothered by scent, so you may find it’s a bit stronger for you.

A note about the brand:  Petal Fresh is vegetarian and cruelty free.


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