Balanced Guru Scalp Detox

IMG_0296_1 - Copy

From the February Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

This was an interesting product to test.  I’d never heard of a scalp detoxifier before.  According to the box, it’s a way to detoxify and cleanse the scalp, as well as soothing an itchy and flaky scalp.  Heads up…this is going to stray into TMI territory.

The applicator is an eye-dropper style.  Shake the bottle, get some in the dropper, and place the drops all around the scalp.  It definitely feels nice and refreshing on my scalp, even right after I’ve washed my hair.  As for whether it soothes an itchy, flaky scalp, it does take the edge off, but it doesn’t completely make the issue go away.

I don’t use many styling products, and it’s recommended that you take a break from them while using the detox.  The scalp detox has a bit of a smell, but after it absorbs into the scalp the smell seems to go away.  If you use a lot of styling products, this is worth a try.



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