LUSH haul

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I hope this doesn’t put you into LUSH overload, but I figured you deserved a super-size post to make up for my absence the past few weeks.  You may be familiar with some of these products, but I’m relatively new to LUSH, so I don’t know which products everyone has.  I hope these reviews are helpful for you.

Starting from left, the Charity Pot.  This thing is the motherlode of moisturization.  There are 6 oils, 2 butters and aloe vera.  Remember my scaly hands that I’ve been trying to fix forever?  I don’t.  This has completely transformed my hands.  Seriously, people have been amazed at how soft my hands are.  What’s even more awesome is that I’ve only needed to apply this once a day to keep my hands so crazy soft.  It does have a fragrance, somewhere between floral and candy, so watch out for that if you’re bothered by scents.  And if this lotion wasn’t awesome enough, all of the profits go to LUSH SLush Fund projects.

Second from left, Turkish Delight.  This is a heinously expensive, but totally worth it, shower smoothie.  In case you’re wondering, like I was at first, what a shower smoothie is, it’s like whipped soap, sort of.  This has an exotic jasmine and rose smell that is subtle but distinctive.  It also has some oils and cocoa butter for a great moisturizing feeling.  I love that it cleans and moisturizes since it saves me a step in the shower.

Second from right, Dark Angels.  It smells a little like charcoal and will make a huge mess in your bathroom sink, but you won’t care.  I’ve been using it twice a day and my face feels amazing.  You’ll want to have something on hand to wipe your face afterwards.  No matter how hard I try, I can never get all of the little black flakes off when rinsing.  I’ve been using it as an exfoliator even though it’s technically a cleanser, and following up with my regular cleanser.  My face feels so soft and my skin seems to have calmed down ever so slightly.  Either there’s been a truce called between my face and my acne or this is doing more than just making the rest of my face look great.

On the left, Volcano foot mask.  If you’ve ever used a foot mask before, then you’ll know what I mean when I say it smells like a foot mask.  It works better than the other foot masks I’ve tried, though.  It does feel a little weird sitting around the living room with my feet wrapped in plastic, but my feet feel great afterwards.  It also works so much better than a pumice stone.  If you have softer calluses, they will come right off with this.

This is probably my favorite brand haul ever.  All of these products are now part of my permanent collection and now I’ve been trolling the LUSH catalogue for new favorites.


2 thoughts on “LUSH haul

  1. Turkish delight is HEAVEN to smell. Oh my. I have just been trying the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner and it is soooooo lovely 👍😁 That Volcano foot mask sounds interesting, gonna have to try 👍

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