The All Natural Face Eye Shadows

IMG_0292_1 - Copy

From l-r:  Midnight Purple, Petal Pink and Iridescent Pink

Midnight Purple is a matte finish.  This is a darkish purple, but not quite as dark as I would expect with a name like midnight.  This blends trickily.  Too much and it goes all over, too little and it’s a fight to blend.  Midnight Purple is a nice color, but its blendability makes it hard to love.

Petal Pink is also a matte finish.  This is a light pink with a bit of a purple tint.  As you can see, it has a tendency to get clumpy while being stored.  However, it blends nicely and works well as a base color.  Petal Pink is fun for spring and summer.

Iridescent Pink is a shimmer finish.  It’s described as having hint of purple in the pink, but I think there’s a lot more than a hint.  I can’t figure out why it’s called iridescent; it’s not that shimmery.  It’s a nice mauve, but has the same blending issues as Midnight Purple.

I tested these colors together, which may mean that my colorblindness has come out to play.  I thought they looked nice together, but overall my favorite from this batch is Petal Pink.


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